The Delicious Authentic Mexican Food


A culture’s food has been passed down for many generations, comprising their entire heritage and indigenous traditions. 

In that sense, authentic mexican food has always been a fan favorite for many people around the globe due to their unparalleled richness and scrumptious spiciness. It is also a vibrant and well-preserved heritage of their customs. 

However, only a very few restaurants follow age-old skills, ancestral customs, and culinary techniques to prepare foods and beverages. These delicacies derive from ancient Aztec, Mayan, and Spanish traditions for a rich experience. 


Every meal in Mexico is served with salsas. From street stalls to high-end restaurants, this food is a staple in almost every eatery. Authentic salsa dishes are made with fresh tomatoes, chilies, and coriander. Moreover, many chefs also give salsas their own spin by adding unconventional ingredients that blend well with the natural flavor. 


One most symbolic dish is carnitas, and it refers to little bite-sized crispy bits of meat. They are braised and then fired along with garlic, rice, and tomatoes. As per history, Spanish settlers have introduced new varieties of carnitas. People can find these fusion dishes in authentic Mexican restaurants. 

Carne Asada 

The literal translation of Carne Asada is grilled meats. It is a thinly sliced steak that is often found as fillings in tacos and burritos. Typically, chefs marinate Carne Asada with lime juice and tender cuts of fresh meat. It creates a subtle hint of sharp sour flavor when maguey leaves are added. 


One of the most popular authentic dishes is Mole. It is a chili-based sauce available with various regional variations. Some southern regions like Oaxaca and Puebla also include chocolate as a main ingredient for their moles. The process of creating the traditional siding is extensive, as it involves several different mixtures. 


Lastly, cactuses are a staple in Mexican cuisine for many centuries. Chefs remove its piercing thorns and then slice into small chunks. People can find cactuses as toppings in salads or tacos. It is an ingredient worth exploring for its unique sour taste.